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MY origin STORY

I grew up in Houston, where I might have been kidnapped by bridge trolls and sewer alligators and then traded back for control of local water interests. As a teenager I won my familiar (a cantankerous grey cat) in a contest with a Faerie Queen (although to be honest, she was sick of him hogging all the covers anyway). At the tender age of 119 I began writing my first novel, which has since disappeared into the bowels of my desk, never to be seen again. After college I sold my services to a witch, and we spent four years living in Italy, righting wrongs and drinking too much espresso. Eventually I moved back to Houston and started selling off organs to support a ridiculous life decision: Becoming a full-time novelist.

In all semi-seriousness, I've been putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) since I was a kid, but my writing career started in earnest on August 26, 2018 when I released my debut novel, A Day Out of Time. I spent years trying to go down the traditional route, and now I'm enjoying the creative control that comes with being an indie author - but not the instability. So if irreverent science fiction and/or fantasy is your jam, give my work a try. If you like what you read, be sure to tell your friends, families, and mortal enemies about it, because my latte-and-book fund is getting low.


A Day Out of Time

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Fire and Lightning,

Ash and Stone


Clifton seamlessly joins ridiculous comedy with tender emotional moments for a highly enjoyable debut tale of time gone awry.


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