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A Day Out of Time

Cat Fiyero is no stranger to chaos. Once a year the world fractures into rifts, allowing modern New Yorkers to walk side-by-side with dinosaurs, killer mermaids, and beings from distant stars. The cleanup falls to people like Cat and the brilliant but damaged members of Gamma team, who all know from personal experience that their job has a way of haunting anyone who gets close. 

Nothing about a Day is ever simple, and if this band of misfits wants to make it through the next twenty-four hours unscathed, their only choice is to stick together. The rules are simple: Identify and relocate subjects. Clear and close rifts. Don’t cause trouble.

Too bad Cat and her team aren’t much for rules.

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When Mia Islington joined Charlie Team, she expected danger. Even in the volatile world of the Dogs, rift-hopping isn’t for the faint of heart; there’s always the risk that when you cross over, you might not cross back.

She also expected to find herself in some undignified situations. Trussed up like a spider’s dinner, covered in Horlanan slime, being chased by a beaver the size of a bear – nothing is too extreme for a Watchdog.

But what Mia didn’t expect was that knowledge – of the future, of her impact, of her own limitations – would end up being the heaviest burden of all. When every decision might mean the unraveling of Time itself, how do you make the right one?

None But Us

Cat Fiyero has officially seen it all.

Radioactive crystal lizards. A possessed pavilion. Her willful younger brother actually learning from his choices. And now, a trio of superpowered clones are wandering around in her territory, leaving terror and confusion in their wake. With frightening abilities and murky motives, the clones represent the greatest threat the New York City Doghouse has ever seen.

This Day Out of Time holds one deadly surprise after another – including the appearance of a few faces she would give anything to avoid. But if Cat wants to keep disaster at bay, she'll need help.

A lot of help.

Because Gamma just might be the only thing standing between the clones and world domination.

Fire and Lightning, Ash and Stone

Jaelin and Aldwin have heard legends of the Grey Princess their entire lives. When it comes time for his first heroic quest, Jaelin naturally chooses her rescue - but the princess from Aldwin’s stories is a pale imitation of the sorceress that they find at the top of a lonely mountain tower. 

Known across the realms as the Grey Princess, Liana has been the subject of stories and songs for over two centuries. Every bard and historian thinks they know the truth, but the reality of Liana's power - and the secrets she has hidden under layers of stone - is something that no one is prepared for. And Liana herself isn’t exactly prepared when two adventurers show up on her doorstep with a doozy of a quest…and the key to fixing her greatest mistake.

Can a bratty lordling, a witty librarian, and an irritable sorceress bumble their way through an enchanted forest, survive the ruins of a haunted city, and defeat a centuries-old dragon with only a few hours of planning? 

The better question is, can anyone stop them?

Something Fine and Distant
and Comforting

The entire span of human existence is a long time to do the same job, but Botis has never minded. The Punisher demon’s days are simple: He collects the souls of the damned, he balances their scales, and he moves along. All in all, a peaceful un-life.

Well, except for all the tortured screaming. 

But when an exorcism gone wrong lands him square in the path of a lonely six-year-old girl, he learns that sometimes even a demon can get a little lost - and it might just take a tea party to get him back on track. 

An offbeat look at life, guardianship, and the fragile beauty of finding your way.

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